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  • We collect your luggage
  • We store and transfer your luggage
    Imagine you are arriving at the airport or cruise and you only have one day to do sightseeing before taking a train - what do you do with your bags? Or perhaps you're arriving at cruise port and would like your luggage taking to the airport where you can pick it up at your designated time later? Or prehaps you want your luggage picking up from your hotel and delivering to the airport or metro station? Wouldn't it be handy to have a secure luggage transfer service that can pickup your bags wherever you want and drop them off at any location that your designated time?
  • Book our service

    Enjoy and do sightseeing until the last minute, but without bags! Once you have made your online booking we will collect your baggage on the location selected and we will securely store and then transfer your luggage to your chosen destination.

    Collection / delivery locations:

    • - Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport
    • - Place of accommodation
    • - Subway station
    - Casa da Música
    - Campanhã
    - Trindade
    - Jardim do Morro (Gaia)
  • We collect your luggage

    We will collect your luggage and deliver at the place and time you designate.
    Your bags are inspected externally to make certain there is no external damaged on your luggage before your bags are accepted with the service. Your baggage is insured with Mundo Bags and the insurance is included in the cost of the service.

  • We store and transfer your luggage

    Your luggage will be stored and securely transferred to your chosen destination at your designated time.

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The service charges on a per bag and respective of the size of the bag.

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Bag Size 1
(Camera, Laptop, Purse)
Bag Size 2
(up to 70cm)
Bag Size 3
(above 70cm)
From Airport to Acommodation
Acommodation to Airport
7.50 €
9.00 €
11.50 €
14.00 €
14.00 €
From Metro / Transfers / Train Station to Acommodation
From Acommodation to Metro / Transfers / Train Station
6.00 €
7.00 €
9.00 €
12.00 €
12.00 €